Roost Vans has moved into a new shop!

Roost Vans has moved into a new shop!

Wow, 2022 was busy… We’ve moved into a new shop and are excited to share a walkthrough of the space and why we moved. But first a little history of how we got from there to here.

Roost Vans started in 2018, when our CEO (Dennis) took a sabbatical from running CreatID, Inc. a product development and industrial design firm, to build out Obsidian, a 170 wheel base Sprinter van for his family. During that time, he drove past a horrific RV accident that involved a number of fatalities covered with sheets. That is when he knew safety had to be his top priority, particularly with children on board. So, he started over and reworked Obsidian from the ground up recognizing the great importance of a secure and flexible mounting system. This became the first iteration of the Roost Smooth Rail Mounting System.

Once the mounting system was engineered, he was then able to leverage that to grow the Roost Vans product line eco-system. The product line started with the upper cabinets and a single bed system. Recognizing the need for a wider audience, it has grown to include many variations of DIY flat-packed and shippable cabinetry and bed systems. All of this started out of his driveway.



After this, Roost Vans took off – or should we say rev’d up. Whatever the case, Roost Vans quickly outgrew the driveway and it was time to find somewhere more suitable. Thus when some space became available at a neighbor’s 3 bay shop, he sublet a bay. Just one… 30 days later he took over all three. He then brought on his business partner, Mike Atkinson, who now serves as the CFO. Next, Roost hired 2 installers who are still helping build and integrate the Roost Vans product line.

Some of Roost’s history in review:

  • 2018: 4 vans 
  • 2019: 9 vans
  • 2020: 11 vans
  • 2021: 15 vans
  • 2022: 24 vans

So, to date we have built over 60 vans for happy customers and way more than that taking into account DIY online sales. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Later in 2018, we started shipping more and more DIY products, which led to the need for a commercial warehouse. Soon after, we leased a warehouse in Clackamas, Oregon where everything is shipped directly to our customers.

Within a year, Roost Vans had an install shop for manufacturing vans and a warehouse for all our online DIY products.

Since we established the warehouse, our install shop has essentially been our own customer and R&D lab. This is not by accident. Since we order products from our warehouse, we see what our customers see when we launch new products. Experience what they experience. That way we can quickly iterate designs and verify final products being shipped to our customers reflect the needs and desires of our installers.

Even though they were in the same town, we even shipped our products from the warehouse to the shop! That way, we truly got to feel what it was like unboxing our products and got a chance to test our online ordering system. This verified our packaging design and that everything would come in one piece. But, as you would expect, that got expensive real quick…



Our first 3-bay shop was beautiful, but growth and space were maxed out. In 2022 the universe had a better place for us and the timing couldn’t have worked out better. When our lease in the 3-bay shop came to an end, the space adjacent to our warehouse became available. Truly divine timing. This move has helped us start with a fresh canvas. We redesigned and expanded our shop floor space, dialed in electric, dust control, lighting, and layout, and moved in. All this while not sacrificing quality or increasing overhead. And, still nearly doubled our production.

In addition to the obvious benefits, a happy surprise to being adjacent to our warehouse emerged – faster feedback on installed products. And of course, further streamlining of our operations.

The old space will forever have a place in our hearts: the large trees the shop sat underneath; the deer frolicking out in the front yard; the mountain bike trails right outside the door. However, having running water and flushing toilets is really nice. Seriously. We used a porta potty and our Roost Vans kitchen products for water to make do. You gotta start somewhere.

We also gained an opportunity to provide a showroom for our potential clients. Now our customers can sit down with our sales team and decide in a well-educated way on the products, appliances, features, color, and personality of their cabinetry and van products. Then we take it from there and build a platform for making experiences.

The Roost Vans business model is to develop beautiful, quality, standardized products that are flexible and installed securely onto our mounting system with ourselves as our own customer. The vision is to get families outside, making memories together in a safe and effective outfitted vehicle. A lot of effort goes into ensuring that our DIY products are thoroughly tested for both ease of installation and safety. and, many of our products have 2 points of failure redundancy built in. Ie., in the case of a loose bolt, a second point of safety is engineered in.

Roost has grown enough now that we are able to set our sights on larger operations in the future. 2023’s focus? Expanding our product ecosystem and increasing online sales and support. That way we can provide these products to more van installers so they have the tools and resources to safely install quality products into their customer’s vehicles.


The new Roost Vans shop is right off highway 212 and 205 in Clackamas, Oregon. Shoot us an email at to set up an appointment to come see our new showroom. We are excited to have you visit!

Be sure and check out our new video walking you through our new shop!

2021 In Review

2021 In Review


It has been a great year for Conversion Van Enthusiasts!  Below are some of the highlights from 2021, and directions we are headed toward in 2022.


Our Installation Shop
(Portland, OR)

The early months of 2021 did get off to a rocky start with significant delays in Transit and Sprinter van deliveries from dealerships.  Due to COVID and supply chain issues, there was a period that our customers (both DIY and shop installs) were simply not getting their vans.  However, by mid-summer most of these issues had improved, and we have been struggling to keep up with van builds and orders ever since!

We have continued to streamline the build process utilizing our growing product line.  As an increasingly robust set of versatile solutions are added, we are able to accelerate the build process considerably.  Builds that used to take 3 or 4 months (or sometimes more), are typically turned around in 6-8 weeks.  This is largely due to the versatility and adaptability of our mounting system and product line.  Once the Core Build is complete, much of the remaining build involves off the shelf products that simply require assembly and installation.

Online Orders
(DIY & Builders)

The Roost product development team has been hard at work to bring more of our product line available for DIY van builders.  As more of our products in development reach the Beta or Full Release stage, we are streamlining the release process.  We hope this continues to accelerate and we are able to bring more and more of our standard products to the DIY van builder who wants a boost to their conversion van build experience.  Please visit our Product Line page to see a list of our growing line of products that are currently or soon to be available for online purchase.


Rental Van(s)

We are in the process of building our first “Try Before You Buy” rental van.  When complete it will be available for rent for those who might like to try our products and/or van life itself before making the leap.  Our rental van will be build using our standard product line.  Depending on interest level in this option, we may consider adding more rental vans in the future, and building a rental fleet.  This may allow for more options in terms of build, size, platform, etc…


Affiliate Program

In 2021 we have had a few more professional van builders join the team and start using Roost products in their builds.  At present we do offer volume discounts to professional van builders, but beyond that it is a fairly informal program.  Long term we plan to build a very robust affiliate and certified dealer program.  Our Portland location is only able to service a small fraction of the inquiries we receive for professional van builds, and we hope soon to build a network of qualified and verified van builders who share our values and commitment to excellence.  As with product development, we are very careful and methodical about growth and development.  We will take the time to make sure that we can confidently recommend/refer customers to reliable and trustworthy builders.  Building a vast and reliable will be several years in the making, but we have decided to put a very serious emphasis on beginning this process in the earlier portion of 2022.  We look forward to a day that we can serve more customers who are outside of our area, who want professional van builds using our products. More to follow!

Roost Flagship Van

Roost Flagship Van




The build begins…

We have finally done it!  We purchased a 2021 Ford Transit 148” EXT and have begun the buildout process.

This marks a new chapter for Roost.  We will be offering this vehicle as a “Try Before You Buy” rental option, as well as a display van for tradeshows and customer visits.

With customer van builds booked up for months, customer builds are obviously going to receive priority.  However, we will be steadily completing this project over the coming months as time permits, and hope to have the van available for rent and show by spring of 2022.

Spring 2020 Update

The Last 9 Months


I will be the first to admit it:  We have been horrible about blogging and sending newsletters to our subscribers. 

By last summer we were inundated with van builds, and since that time we have been hard at work building vans and developing our product line.  With up to 4 active builds in our shop at a time, we had little time for much else throughout 2019 and early 2020.    

It is funny how a crisis can sometimes help us focus.  We love building vans in our shop, but our vision involves much more than that!  Our goal is to develop a comprehensive, versatile, and affordable line of products, that are shippable to DIY customers and local installers throughout North America.

When the shutdowns began in early March, we decided to take the opportunity to reassess.  At the time we had 4 active builds in the shop.  We immediately stopped taking on new builds, and first focused on completing them.  We were lucky that the conditions of our shop, and the orders of our Governor allowed our installers to continue to work.  



The Last Few Weeks


As we have completed each active build, we were increasingly able to shift our focus toward development.  We have released several new products on the shopping cart, with many more coming soon.  We have made major improvements to the web site including more content, better images, CAD illustrations, and much more detailed information about our products.  Recently we have been taking a lot of video footage, many of which can be seen on our Instagram page and will soon be added to our Youtube channel (please subscribe for updates as content is added).  We have a lot more work to do, but there has been a vast recent improvement in each area.



What’s Next


Portland Shop Accepting New Builds:  Effective immediately we are ready to take on 1 or 2 new van builds.  For the coming months we are going to limit ourselves to two active bays, which means that soon our lead times are probably going to be a little longer for shop builds.  However, as of right now we are ready to start our next new project within the next couple weeks.  If you are interested in a new or updated quote, I encourage you to check out our new Shop Installation section of the web site, and fill out a shop build quote request.

Balance & Focus:  Though we will keep 2 active builds in the shop, we are going to continue to put more energy into bringing more products to the shopping cart, standardizing shop build elements, and communication.

New Normal:  For the foreseeable future we will be maintaining the same workplace standards we have followed for the last several weeks.  For van pick up and drop off, we will be conducting a thorough disinfecting wipe down of all surfaces, and additionally we will be adding a 72 hours quarantine for each new van in and out.


With a new focus, and a much stronger line of products, we look forward to the coming months.  We invite you to check out the recent changes and videos, for much, much more!

Welcome to Roost Vans!

Welcome to Roost Vans!

We are proud to announce our new name, logo and web site.  With all the exciting changes underway, we thought it would be good idea to take a quick look back, before looking forward. 

A Bit Of History:

It all started when our founder and CEO, Dennis Veatch, was looking for a vehicle for a month-long road trip to Colorado.  Seeking to maintain the outdoor enthusiast lifestyle, Dennis and his wife Mary Jane wanted to introduce their 15-month-old son to travel and simple outdoor living.    

After navigating a sea of options, Dennis quickly set his sights on the Sprinter Conversion Van.  This was soon followed by a decision to purchase a used Sprinter Van (Obsidian) and build it himself.  With 20 years of experience in industrial design, he was equal to the task.  Little did he know that in addition to a planned road trip, he was also embarking on a much longer journey of an entirely different nature.

Dennis very quickly became frustrated with the limited options for van conversions and particularly for a DIY builder.  It seemed there were two extremes in the industry.  On one end of the spectrum was extravagance and exorbitant prices.  At the other extreme were solutions that were cheap, displeasing to the eye, and in some cases downright unsafe.  Almost reflexively he began inventing solutions, as much as building a van for a family vacation. 

Since that time, we have been operating a small conversion shop in Portland, OR, originally under Dennis’ design company (CreatID), doing business as Modular Van.  In mid 2019, we officially launched Roost Vans.  We have gone from a backyard project to a fast-growing company providing products and services to our clients.  All the while we are steadily developing an easy-to-install product line to ship to DIY customers around the world. 

Where We Are Now:

Newly formed as Roost Vans, we have taken on an investor and business manager to help manage our growth and development.  Our design and installation teams are rapidly growing, as we develop an infrastructure to maintain our commitment to quality, customer service, and affordable pricing. 

Having just signed a new lease on a 3-bay shop, we offer full-service van conversions.  We professionally install camper van essentials such as kitchens, bed systems, insulation, paneling, electrical systems, cabinetry, mounting brackets, and much more.  We are developing a growing library of designs for standard components, and also offer a full custom design service as well. 

To date we have released a small line of DIY products with many more in the development pipeline.  Some products are at very early stages of development, others are in final stages of beta testing with a hope to release them for shipping in a matter of weeks. 

Where We Are Going:

Our long-term vision is to develop a full line of easy to install products for the DIY van builder.  Our emphasis is on simplicity, versatility, and ease of installation.  Our development process is methodical, and we aren’t about to rush a product to market.  Before we ship a product to a DIY customer, we want to make sure the design has been streamlined, thoroughly tested, and instructions are easy to follow, with proper quality control systems in place.

DIY Products Coming Very Soon:

  • 170” Upper and Lower Mounting Systems (currently in Beta)
  • More accessories, brackets, and options for upper mounting systems.
  • Bed System (removable panels, vertically adjustable between 12-36”, with flip up kit option)
  • Hourly Design and Consulting Service for DIY customers (web-based screen share platform)

We move forward with an absolute commitment to our values and apply them to every decision we make.  When considering a product or design element, Dennis’ most common questions are:  

“Is this something I want in my van?”

“Would I trust my child’s safety to this product?”

“Is this something I would buy and feel good about 10 or 20 years later?”

These are the questions that drive our decision-making process, and that approach is what produces a product that we are proud to put the Roost name behind!