Our mission is to provide comprehensive interior solutions to both DIY and professional van builders.  Our guiding principles:  Affordable quality, efficient design, and modular flexibility.  Utilizing CAD design, automated CNC production, and high quality materials made in the USA, we are able to offer affordable pricing without compromising quality or elegance.  Our ecosystems offer modular solutions that provide a high level customization without the price tag that usually comes with the word “custom”.

Our product development process is rigorous.  Everything is conceived, prototyped and refined by our professional installation staff.  Initially these products are only available for installation in our Portland, OR van conversion shop .  Through testing and refinement, we develop each product to a flat pack shippable product that is affordable and easy to install.

Below is a list of recently released and upcoming products:

Recently Released

These products are available to purchase on our online store.  By this stage you can expect a quality, well tested product.  However, we do want our customers to be a little patient in the event of small shipping delays, an occasional need to re-cut and replace a part, and/or the instruction manuals still in a state of development.  With all of our products we are committed to customer satisfaction, and will take care of any such issues that arise.  We strongly encourage feedback, particularly in relation to installation instructions, as this is an invaluable part of refining customer experience.

Early Access

At this stage we can offer a product selectively.  Typically, we have finished the prototype and refinement stage, and are preparing to add the product to the web site in the coming months.  We are probably still at the early stages of installation instructions, support videos, relevant imagery, refined product descriptions, etc…

We will sometimes list the product on the online store as “coming soon” where you will see instructions on how to order the product as a custom order on an early access basis.  If you are interested in exploring Alpha access to an item in this list, please send an inquiry email to sales@roostvans.com.  Depending on the complexity of the product, its stage of development, and your skill/experience level, we may offer the product as a custom order.

Pre-cut Insulation Kits:  1.5″ 3m Thinsulate insulation with 80 mil, mass loaded vinyl sound suppression material.

Dinette Bed System:  Another bed variant, offering even more options for your specific needs.

Flooring: Shippable flooring solution.


Upcoming Products In Development

Currently available for in shop only installs.  We expect 2024/25 to be huge years for us in terms of new product release, so keep checking back!  Things may start moving very quickly on this front.

    • Expansion of our kitchen cabinet and countertop ecosystem
    • Expansion of our electrical system offerings including solutions for alternate power banks, and more support for load side of electrical system.
    • Dodge Promaster Ecosystems
    • Transit Mid Roof Ecosystems
    • Water Storage and Plumbing Solutions

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