The Roost Product Line

Roost offers an ever evolving product line to the van build community.  All of our products start as an idea, that is prototyped and refined in our Portland, OR shop.  New products are typically offered to customers as a “shop only install”.  This begins the long process of rigorous testing, refining, and development, with the ultimate goal of offering all of our products as shippable solutions to affiliate and DIY van builders across the U.S.  Below is a list of products that are currently available via our online store, followed by a preview of products that are coming soon.


Fully Released Products

(currently available on our shopping cart)

Available Beta Products

(conditionally available on our shopping cart)


Coming Soon

(likely added to shopping cart as Beta products in the coming weeks/months)


Power Box

A variation of our 24″ Lower Bench Cabinet designed to house a small to medium 12v storage/charging system.

Power Panel

Bamboo power panel providing an electrical distribution center for inbound charge lines, and outbound point of use.

Kitchen Cabinet Variations

Variations on our standard kitchen cabinets designed to address specific needs and space constraints (compact, super compact sink only, slide drawer for cooler, etc..)

Strap Up Bed System

Hanging bed system that offers much higher positioning (particularly in Sprinter).

Pre-Made Paneling Kit

Bamboo or fabric wrapped panels pre-cut to fit between the rails of our mounting system.

If you would like to be contacted when a Coming Soon item moves to Early Access, please send an email to and indicate the product(s) in which you are interested.  Receiving a lot of interest in a product that is in development will sometimes help us prioritize our development efforts.



On The Horizon

(Planned, but in earlier stages of development)


Dinette Bed System

Two bench cabinets with a connecting center piece that can be lowered to form a bed, or raised to form a dinette table.

Over Wheel Well Tank Cabinet

Tank and enclosure for 20g Over Wheel Well water tank with rear access door.

Compact Power Panel

Compact version of the standard power panel.

Cabinet Switch Plate

Switch plate designed to work with the power panel that brings the switching forward to the front of the kitchen cabinet.

Much More

We expect to develop many more solutions in the future, and most will be available for affiliate and DIY van builder purchase.