Ah, the allure of van life—the freedom, the adventure, the wind in your hair as you traverse scenic landscapes. But hold on, aspiring van dwellers, before you hit the road. There’s a crucial element to consider: The timing of your van build. We’re here to spill the beans and give you some insider tips. This blog can make or break your dream of hitting the open road in style.

The Van-Build Frenzy

Picture this: February rolls around, and like clockwork, the Roost Vans phones light up with frantic calls from eager customers. The reason? The collective yearning for a van build that will be road-ready in time to enjoy the summer 2024. Roost’s innovative product line allows for extremely fast build time, but it’s not just about the duration of the build; it’s all about securing your spot on the schedule.

In the intricate dance of van building, timing is everything. If you’re eyeing a summer escapade in your newly built van, listen up. Most van builders, including Roost, operate on a schedule queue that hovers between four to six months. Winter might offer a breather, dipping to the lower end of the spectrum, but as spring approaches, so does the demand. By early march, most van builders will have their schedule booked out six months or more. This can turn your summer dreams into another year of anticipation.  

The Early Bird Gets the Van

Now, here’s the golden nugget of wisdom: If summer is your target, your best bet is to get the ball rolling by early February. Don’t wait until the sun peeks out, and the birds start chirping to secure your spot. Engage with your chosen van builder as early as possible. Try to reserve your spot on the schedule by early February. Missing this window might mean your dream van won’t hit the road until the fall.

DIY Dilemmas: A Twist in the Tale

For the hands-on enthusiasts opting for a DIY van build, the rules bend, but they don’t break. While DIYers don’t have to wait for the availability of our installers, there’s still a catch—lead times on essential components. Roost Vans can provide many of your build components with little or no lead time, but in the broader industry landscape lead times are a huge obstacle, and four to eight week lead times are not uncommon.  

Like building a house, a van build involves a lot of interdependent sequencing, with some stages of work reliant on the completion of others.  A six week lead time on a build component doesn’t just delay the build time for that part, but any portion of the build that follows.  Advance planning is key, and the sooner the start, the more likely you will spend your summer enjoying your van rather than working on the project.  

Roost Vans distinguishes itself by delivering interior build components promptly, providing DIYers with a huge head start. Nevertheless, a reality check is in order—DIY builders frequently underestimate the total time required for the entire process. Even in the realm of DIY, a mid-February to mid-March start is recommended to ensure your van is summer-ready.

Reserve Your Spot

Here’s a game-changer: you can secure your spot on the schedule with a deposit even as you’re on the hunt for the perfect van. While most builders may not explicitly offer this option, Roost Vans does. A small deposit with a solid plan can reserve your place on the build schedule, a proactive move that aligns your dream van’s completion with your envisioned timeline.

In the intricate ballet of van builds, Roost Vans doesn’t just offer a product; it provides a strategy for success. Whether you’re eyeing a professionally built van or embarking on a DIY adventure, heed the timeline. Mark your calendars, engage early, and let the road-tripping dreams unfold seamlessly. Your van life journey awaits, and with the right timing, it’s bound to be an adventure like no other.