The Main Build

Modular Solutions

Our unique approach to the van build process offers highly customizable solutions at affordable prices.  Our products are carefully engineered to make efficient use of space, and to offer maximum versatility.  Through advanced design and automated manufacturing processes, we are able to deliver top quality products, elegant designs, and adaptable solutions at less than half the cost of a custom build of similar quality.

Modularity is the key!

Below is a list of the standard modular solutions available for shop installation.

Main Build Details


Click each box below for more details about our standard components and solutions. 

Upper Cabinets & Shelves


Cabinets:  These modular lockable cabinets can be installed as a stand alone unit, or in series to form a bank of cabinets. Each unit measures 24″ in width, and features an adjustable shelf, and locking mechanism to insure they stay closed while on the go.

Shelves:  Open shelf units are an excellent addition to a row of 24″ Cabinets.  The middle unit can be placed between two cabinets, or an end unit can be used to end a run.  Each unit measures 24″ in width, and features an adjustable shelf.


  • 24″ Upper Bamboo Cabinet Installed – $495
  • 24″ Upper Bamboo Shelf Installed – $295
  • Under Cabinet LED Lighting – $75 per unit
Lower Bench Cabinets


This lower cabinet measures approx. 18″ tall and 18″ deep, and widths of 18″, 24″, or 36″.  It can be used as a stand alone unit, or in a series.  With a hinged top and internal compartments these are great for a variety of purposes including:  storage, seat, bench, low counter space, to house electronics, or a small potty.



  • 18″ Assembled and Installed $695
  • 24″ Assembled and Installed $795
  • 36″ Assembled and Installed $995
Bed Systems


FU-Kit Bed System (Image 1):

Steel Frame with Removable Bamboo Panels*.  Available in 2 Panel (~Full) or 3 Panel (~Queen).  Able to be installed or re-installed* between 12″ and 36″ off the floor.  Flip Up Kits (or FU-Kits) can be installed on any panel to allow it to be easily flipped up to 90 degrees (allowing instant access to additional counter/floor space)

*Removing, replacing, or changing bed height is a 10-15 minute project with a hex head wrench.  Helper desired, but not required.




Dinette Bed System (Image 2 & 3):

Description Coming Soon!





Pricing (Included Assembly & Installation):

  • 2 Panel FU-Kit Bed System  $2700
  • 3 Panel FU-Kit Bed System $3150
  • Flip Up Kit Added to any panel $400/Ea
  • Dinette Bed System $4500 (cushions not included)
Auxiliary Electrical Systems

Core Electrical Work: 

The bulk of the electrical work is done during the core build.  At this time, we run the charge lines and end use points to a central panel, pre-wired and ready to go.  This provides a plug and play solution with all the behind the panel work done and ready for connection to a power system.

Integrated Goal Zero Yeti System:

Our standard control panel (included in core electric work done during core build phase) is plug and play ready for the Goal Zero Yeti (models 1400+).  With a couple connection cables, the electrical system is ready to plug in to your new Yeti unit and modules.  

Traditional Lithium Ion Battery Array and Charging Systems:

The Yeti units offer the most economic and comprehensive solutions, and meet the needs of 90% of our clients.  However, some van owners have very specific power needs that exceed or are incompatible with the Yeti solution.  In these cases we can build a custom battery array with any number of additional modules (AC>DC charger, DC>DC charger, Solar Charge Controller, Inverters, Battery Monitors, etc…).  This typically also requires an enclosure cabinet.


Goal Zero Yeti

  • Goal Zero Yeti 1400* – $2000
  • Goal Zero Yeti 3000* – $3100
  • Goal Zero Yeti 6000*  – Coming Soon
  • Link Module** – $400.00
  • Fast Charger*** – $150
* Includes cabling for connection to panel.
** Required to charge from alternator.
*** Optional for x5 faster charging when connected to shore power.

Traditional Electrical Array System:

  • Price Can Range Between $2500 and $10k+ depending on size and needs.
  • Typically includes Lithium Ion Battery Array with AC>DC, DC>DC, and Solar charger controllers.
  • Can also include inverter, battery monitor, or additional units.
  • Requires a cabinet enclosure (not included in above price range)


Kitchen Solutions



All In One Kitchen Cabinet:

Detailed Description Coming Soon!


Standard Kitchenette Cabinet:

Detailed Description Coming Soon!


Compact Kitchen Cabinet:

Detailed Description Coming Soon!


Pricing (includes finish, assembly, and installation):

  • All In One Kitchen Cabinet – $3750
  • Standard Kitchenette Cabinet – $2950
  • Compact Kitchen Cabinet – $1950


Bunk Heater


Espar D2/S2 Bunk Heater:  Detailed Description Coming Soon



  • Espar D2/S2 Bunk Heater Installed – $2850
  • Includes high altitude kit.


Swivel Seats


If your van did not already come with swivel seats, we strongly recommend them.  It allows the cab seating (Driver and Passenger seats) to swivel 180 degrees, adding additional seating facing into living area of the van build.  This is a great use of limited living space, and when combined with a post or articulating arm table can offer a multitude of seating options utilizing the cab of your van.  


  • $1150 each or $2200 for pair (Driver and Passenger).  Includes Installation.


Post & Arm Tables


We build a custom tabletop out of 3/4″ bamboo finished with Osmo-X, and installed with a removable fixed post, or articulating arm.  This is a great way to add a tabletop surface to driver/passenger swivel seats and/or 2nd row seating.  The combination can provide a small dining room table complete with seating.  



  • $650 to $1250
  • Price varies on table size, mounting options, and if additional bracketing or supports are required for the application.


Outdoor Shower Solution


Detailed Description Coming Soon!



$3500 Includes

  • 22g Over Wheel well fresh water tank with custom mounting bracket.
  • ~6′ Bamboo enclosure cabinet
  • 24″ X 30″ Bamboo Showering Platform
  • Outdoor propane hot water heater and custom rear door mounting bracket
  • Shower head, hose, and quick disconnects
  • Secure track storage for heater and platform
  • Includes plumbing, hardware, and installation.