Shop Build Quote Request.


As a product company, Roost’s primary focus is on the development of well designed and easy to install products.  We maintain a small 3 bay shop in Portland, OR, and offer a limited number of build slots to clients primarily interested in our product line, including products that are not (yet) available to the DIY market.  Although there is often more demand for tailored services than our shop capacity can accommodate, we are pretty savvy at solving complex problems.

Before filling out the below form, please be sure you are familiar with our products and offerings by reviewing the Core Build and Main Build pages of our web site, and make sure that our product line is a good fit for your build goals.  Though we do some customization work, and we are always excited to try new things, we typically do not take on full custom builds, or projects that do not align with our product line and development/refinement goals.

In the left column below, you will also see some information about our current schedule and quote status.  We will do our best to keep that information as current as possible by updating it every few weeks.

Shop Schedule Status:

  • Our main schedule for in shop van builds is typically booked out 3-6 months. 
  • We are currently accepting BMV requests.
  • We will respond to your quote request as quickly as possible.
  • Our line of standard, modular solutions are fast and efficient to assemble, and install.  This not only makes it easy for the DIY customer who want to do some or all of their own build, but also dramatically accelerates the build process for our shop builds.  This allows us to assist more clients with their van build process.  

Online Product Status: 

  • Most products are in stock.
  • Many new products entering Early Access Beta Testing for DIY access.
  • We typically ship from inventory in 2-3 business days.
  • Special and back orders typically ship within 3-6 weeks.
  • We are managing the supply chain crisis pretty well through our advanced inventory management system, but occasional unexpected delays do occur.
  • We are developing relationships with affiliate builders who are interested in using our products in their builds, and/or service local customers interested in our products.