Creating Simple, Versatile, and Elegant Solutions


The most important thing you need to know about us is that we are passionate about our creations!



We start with a commitment to who we are, driven by the desire to create and bring enjoyment to others.  Our vision is to provide quality van conversion products and services that we believe in, using rigorous industrial design processes of our core products as our method.

We approach our daily endeavors as opportunities to create, finding motivation and inspiration in the creative process. Our culture is of personal pride and passion from every member of our team, and we hold our principles and standards high.

For those like-minded van owners who “get it” and share our vision, we are a good fit. That fit is what we seek, and our work speaks for itself.



Van builds should be simple and efficient. Not six figure builds with Jacuzzi’s, shag carpets, or marble counter tops. That’s not our style! Our commitment is to doing the job right, not cutting corners, and providing finished builds and products that are clean and beautiful at an appropriate cost to our clients.
There is a difference between beauty and extravagance.  By using quality materials and parts focused on longevity providing durability and safety, we strike a balance between quality and affordability; comfort and simplicity; practicality and versatility. This is what the Sprinter van represents to us, and we strive for that balance in our designs, properly attuned to the individual preferences and desires of our customers.
If you are looking for the “Taj Majal on wheels”, or the cheapest possible solution, that’s not us. If you are looking for robust solutions at reasonable prices, we’re your team.


  • Shop Installation: Full-service conversion services from our Portland, OR location.
  • DIY Products: A growing line of well-designed, reasonably shipped, and easy to install products for the DIY van enthusiasts
  • Design & Consulting : (Coming Soon) Paid design and consulting services for DIY customers who want assistance and/or desire the comfort of a “safety net”, in person, or via screen share over the web.


What does Roost mean?

We get a lot of questions about our name.  A common misconception is that birds sleep in nests.  Nests are not primarily for sleep.  Nests are a place to incubate eggs, and rear hatchlings.

At the end of a long day of flight, what a bird seeks is a Roost.  A roost is a safe, comfortable place to rest and sleep.  A roost is typically simple and temporary.  That is what we hope to help create for our customers:  The freedom of flight, coupled with a safe, comfortable place to roost for the night.