Strap-Up Hanging Bed System


Strap Up Bed System is currently available as Beta Access. Please read Early Access Program details before purchasing.

Another Roost innovation in Sprinter and Transit van bed design is the Strap-Up Hanging Bed System. This system can be used as a primary bed offering maximum garage and storage solutions, or as a “bunk” bed over our Fu-Kit Bed System offering an excellent solution for families traveling with children.

Heavy duty straps using RollerCam technology provide easy height adjustment from wheel well to ceiling, and can be repositioned in a few minutes without the need of tools. What’s more, you can adjust the sleeping surface to be level, regardless of the angle of your van (great for a quick stop to sleep on uneven ground).

As a standalone bed it can be lowered to the desired height. In storage mode it can be raised nearly to the ceiling of the van allowing for maximum “garage” space below (bikes, motorcycles, large equipment, etc..). Additionally, the bed platform itself can also be used as storage for gear while in travel mode, and soft items stored in this manner can be compressed to secure them during travel. As a stand alone bed, this bed solution offers the most versatile and expansive garage space in the industry.

As an additional “bunk bed” installed above our Fu-Kit Bed, the combination offers an excellent solution to the floor space dilemma faced by traveling families. With second row seating a given, floor space is precious in these types of builds, and the dynamically adjustable bed over bed solution is the absolute best use of the available space.

This product ships (standard) for installation to our Smooth Rail Mounting System.
We are also often able to offer this product for use with L-Track systems, but on a case by case basis.  Please send email to for more details.
For more information comparing Smooth Rail and L-Track read this blog article.  




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Dimensions:  55" Wide X 70 1/2" Long
Capacity:  350lb Evenly distributed


  • Heavy duty mounting brackets and straps
    securely attach to Roost’s Smooth Rail
    Mounting system
  • Doubles as a storage panel and bed system
  • Quickly adjustable from wheel well to ceiling
  • Sets up in moments at most any angle
  • Great bunk bed solution when paired with
    Roost’s Fu-Kit Bed System
  • C Channel steel rails provide unlimited tie down
    points underneath the bed panel


Assembly & Installation

What You Get

  • Main Frame consisting of 4 vertical posts that mount to the Lower and Upper Mounting System, 2 side rails, and 4 cross members.
  • 3 Bamboo or Hexply bed panels and hardware to attach to main frame.
  • Upper strap assemblies and hardware to connect to main frame and mounting systems.
  • Lower strap assemblies and associated hardware to connect to main frame, bed legs, and mounting systems.
  • All brackets and rails come pre-cut, pre-drilled, and powder coated.
  • All bamboo components come sanded to 220 grit, and finished with two coats of Osmo Polyx-Oil.
  • 3/16″ & 5/32 Hex Keys and Loctite provided.

What You Need

  • Phillips screw driver

Assembly & Install Time Estimates:

  • Assembly: 2-4 Hours
  • Assembly & Installation Instructions:   Pending

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Lead Time


  • Production will begin upon receipt of order.
  • Production time is typically 3-4 weeks (often much faster).

Disclaimer:  Most of our products involve a complex, multiple step fabrication process, with a full QC after each step.  We do our best to meet and exceed all lead times, but our first commitment is to quality.  As a result, we are never able to guarantee lead times.