FU-Kit Bed System


A major innovation in van bed design, the Fu-Kit Bed System offers flexibility, comfort, and simplicity. It’s primary feature, the Flip Up Kit, can be installed on any panel, allowing it to be flipped up to nearly 90 degrees. This offers a variety of configurations and options to make maximum use of precious floor space. In seconds, a panel can be flipped up to re-configure the space between night, day, or travel modes. It can also be used to re-configure the bed into a couch or deep futon.

The bed can be installed at any height between the top of the wheel well to the maximum allowable height (36″ Sprinter, 56″ Transit). Bed height and panel configuration can be modified in 15-20 minutes with simple tools and a helper. This can allow you to reconfigure your interior space for a variety of uses on a trip to trip, or season to season basis.

This product requires our Smooth Rail Mounting System for standard installation.

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Platform Dimensions:

  • Sprinter 2 Panel = 64 1/2" Wide X 49 3/4" Long
  • Sprinter 3 Panel = 64 1/2" Wide X 73" Long
  • Transit 2 Panel = 63 1/2" Wide X 50 3/4" Long
  • Transit 3 Panel = 63 1/2" Wide X 74 1/4" Long


  • Steel Frame with Removable Bamboo Panels*
  • The Sprinter Bed System can be installed or re-installed between 14" and 36" off the floor.
  • The Transit Bed System can be installed or re-installed between 14" and 56" off the floor.
  • Flip Up Kits (or FU-Kits) can be installed on any panel to allow it to be easily flipped up to 85 degrees (allowing instant access to additional counter/floor space)**

*Removing, replacing, or changing bed height is a 10-15 minute project with a hex head wrench.  Helper desired, but not required.
**Flip-Up Kit Panels can interfere with thick wall/pillar panels when the bed is installed at under clearance heights above 34". Note during checkout if a smaller opening angle (~65 degrees) is desired to correct this.


Assembly & Installation

What You Get

  • Main Frame:  Consisting of vertical posts that mount to the Lower Mounting System (Required), and two horizontal frame weldments that attach to the posts.
  • Bed Panels (2-3):  Each bed panel consists of two steel crossmembers with pre-installed rivnuts, and 3 bamboo or Hex-Ply sections to mount to the cross members, and 4 heavy duty brackets to mount bed panels to the main frame.
  • (Optional) Flip Up Kits:  Can be added to any panel to allow it to seamlessly flip up to 90 degrees.
  • All brackets and rails come pre-cut, pre-drilled, and powder coated.
  • All bamboo components come sanded to 220 grit, and finished with two coats of Osmo Polyx-Oil.
  • Includes all hardware to assemble and attach to the Smooth Rail Mounting System
  • 3/16″ & 5/32 Hex Keys and Loctite provided.

What You Need

  • Phillips screw driver

Assembly & Install Time Estimates:

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Lead Times


  • We do our best to keep this product in stock.
  • When in stock, this product typically ships within 2-3 business days.
  • When out of stock, we typically have the next batch already pending.
  • Full production time is approx. 4-6 weeks (i.e. typically worst case scenario).

Disclaimer:  Most of our products involve a complex, multiple step fabrication process, with a full QC after each step.  We do our best to meet and exceed all lead times, but our first commitment is to quality.  As a result, we are never able to guarantee lead times.