Welcome to Roost Vans!

Welcome to Roost Vans!

We are proud to announce our new name, logo and web site.  With all the exciting changes underway, we thought it would be good idea to take a quick look back, before looking forward. 

A Bit Of History:

It all started when our founder and CEO, Dennis Veatch, was looking for a vehicle for a month-long road trip to Colorado.  Seeking to maintain the outdoor enthusiast lifestyle, Dennis and his wife Mary Jane wanted to introduce their 15-month-old son to travel and simple outdoor living.    

After navigating a sea of options, Dennis quickly set his sights on the Sprinter Conversion Van.  This was soon followed by a decision to purchase a used Sprinter Van (Obsidian) and build it himself.  With 20 years of experience in industrial design, he was equal to the task.  Little did he know that in addition to a planned road trip, he was also embarking on a much longer journey of an entirely different nature.

Dennis very quickly became frustrated with the limited options for van conversions and particularly for a DIY builder.  It seemed there were two extremes in the industry.  On one end of the spectrum was extravagance and exorbitant prices.  At the other extreme were solutions that were cheap, displeasing to the eye, and in some cases downright unsafe.  Almost reflexively he began inventing solutions, as much as building a van for a family vacation. 

Since that time, we have been operating a small conversion shop in Portland, OR, originally under Dennis’ design company (CreatID), doing business as Modular Van.  In mid 2019, we officially launched Roost Vans.  We have gone from a backyard project to a fast-growing company providing products and services to our clients.  All the while we are steadily developing an easy-to-install product line to ship to DIY customers around the world. 

Where We Are Now:

Newly formed as Roost Vans, we have taken on an investor and business manager to help manage our growth and development.  Our design and installation teams are rapidly growing, as we develop an infrastructure to maintain our commitment to quality, customer service, and affordable pricing. 

Having just signed a new lease on a 3-bay shop, we offer full-service van conversions.  We professionally install camper van essentials such as kitchens, bed systems, insulation, paneling, electrical systems, cabinetry, mounting brackets, and much more.  We are developing a growing library of designs for standard components, and also offer a full custom design service as well. 

To date we have released a small line of DIY products with many more in the development pipeline.  Some products are at very early stages of development, others are in final stages of beta testing with a hope to release them for shipping in a matter of weeks. 

Where We Are Going:

Our long-term vision is to develop a full line of easy to install products for the DIY van builder.  Our emphasis is on simplicity, versatility, and ease of installation.  Our development process is methodical, and we aren’t about to rush a product to market.  Before we ship a product to a DIY customer, we want to make sure the design has been streamlined, thoroughly tested, and instructions are easy to follow, with proper quality control systems in place.

DIY Products Coming Very Soon:

  • 170” Upper and Lower Mounting Systems (currently in Beta)
  • More accessories, brackets, and options for upper mounting systems.
  • Bed System (removable panels, vertically adjustable between 12-36”, with flip up kit option)
  • Hourly Design and Consulting Service for DIY customers (web-based screen share platform)

We move forward with an absolute commitment to our values and apply them to every decision we make.  When considering a product or design element, Dennis’ most common questions are:  

“Is this something I want in my van?”

“Would I trust my child’s safety to this product?”

“Is this something I would buy and feel good about 10 or 20 years later?”

These are the questions that drive our decision-making process, and that approach is what produces a product that we are proud to put the Roost name behind!