Power Panel

The Roost Power Panel is designed with the true DIY builder in mind.  Our approach is to offer you an attractive interface and as much support and direction as you need, while leaving enough flexibility to build your electrical system to your own unique specifications.


  • Main Panel:
    • Finished bamboo
    • 18 slot, 30a Masx distribution panel
    • 120v AC Outlet
    • Anderson plug connector outlets for DC charge lines (engine and solar)
    • Pre-scribed for cutout for AC Extended Outlet
  • Switch Plate:
    • Finished Bamboo
    • 3 toggle switches
    • 3 dimmer switches
    • 2 USB Charging Ports
    • Pre-scribed for cutout to integrate Espar Easy Start Pro heater controls



Optional Addons


Roost Vans Power Panel:

Power Panel:  The power panel consists of two pieces:  The main distribution panel, and the switch panel.  Depending on your desired installation, this allows you to locate the switch panel anywhere from at the main panel, or up to 6LF (of wire path) away.  The most common application is to put the main panel inside a cabinet, with only the switch panel on the face of it.

Inbound Charge Line & Ground Kit (Recommended):  This includes everything you need to connect your engine, shore, and solar power charge lines to the panel, and to ground them to the chassis.  It includes the watertight plugs and connectors for shore power and solar power egress points.

End Use Connection (Included):  From our power panel’s distribution block you are ready to run wire pairs to whatever end use points your power needs require (lights, heaters, chargers, fans, fridge, etc..).  We provide a diagram of the standard Roost layout (including recommended wire gauge, and fusing) which you are free to modify and customize as you like.

Options & Addons:

Goal Zero Yeti EZ Connect Cable:  If you have or intend to purchase a Goal Zero Yeti unit (1000x, 1500x, 3000x, or 6000x)

AC Outlet Extension:  If you would like you AC outlet located somewhere other than the power panel, this kit provides everything you need to re-locate the AC outlet up to 25LF (of wire path) away.

Tech Support:  If you would like some one on one support and/or a little help planning your system, you can add some discounted consultation time in conjunction with your purchase.