Smooth Rail Blanks


The steel we use for our products is a specialty, low profile version of structural strut.  We find this solution far superior to L Track and other generic tie down systems for a multitude of reasons (see Rail vs. Track Blog Post for more details).  Our mounting systems, bed system supports, and other products all use this same material, cut and drilled to spec, and all powder coated with a high-quality black (BK-109) finish.

For those who want to match this material, we offer the raw material, pre-powder coated in standard lengths* of 60”, 66”, and 72”.  With this raw material you are able to cut and drill matching metal for your own creations.  Note:  Stick length is a large factor in terms of material yield from a 20′ stick as well as shipping surcharges.  60″ lengths will always yield the best $/LF price.  When possible we recommend using 60″ lengths if your project will accommodate.

*Actual size may vary up to + or – 1/4″

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