Rails Vs. Tracks


Smooth Rail Mounting System



L Track Mounting System

L or E Track is commonly used by DIY van builders and some professionals, as an interior mounting system.  Customers regularly ask about the differences and advantages of our smooth rail system over these ”X Track” systems.

First, to be clear:  A properly mounted L track or E track system with the correct support bracketing, sufficient metal to metal contact and ample attachment points, can be a functional, strong, and safe mounting solution.  If you are a DIY van builder this is a perfectly acceptable solution.

However, when Dennis (our founder and CEO) built his first van as a family project, his frustrations with the limitations of these track systems led him to develop a better approach.  His close attention to detail, and eye for aesthetics inspired him to develop our Smooth Rail Mounting System and ultimately the origins of Roost Vans itself.  Below are some of the key reasons for this decision.


Precise Positioning

L Track and E Track systems are basically cargo tie down systems that have been adapted for mounting interior van components.  One of the biggest draw backs is that they are only incrementally adjustable, typically in 1” intervals.  This is fine for a tie down system, but when trying to position interior components in a van build, we find more precise positioning necessary.  Our mounting system is infinitely adjustable, allowing each component to be dynamically placed in a precise position.  This is particularly important when trying to flush mount multiple cabinets, or trying to maintain a specific gap between components.



Overall Aesthetics

Our mounting system is a continuous powder coated rail, and largely recessed into the paneling in our typical shop builds.  For a finished interior build, our customers find it far more visually appealing.  Further, the insides of the tracks systems have relatively abrupt corners and can have jagged surfaces that are less than ideal when traveling with small children.



Flexibility & Versatility

Our entire ecosystem of products is designed with the DIY customer in mind.  Though some may want plug and play solutions, others want a simple platform upon which they can build and create their own solutions, specific to their individual needs and circumstances.  This is where our mounting system really shines.  Not only do we offer plug & play solutions, but any bracket or material that sits flush on the rail surface can be attached to the mounting system with a simple 5/16-18 insert nut and bolt.  When building custom brackets and accessories, the savings really start to add up when shopping at the local hardware stores, rather than having to purchase specialty supplies specific to the chosen track system.


Overall L Track and E Track are excellent tie down systems, and can be an acceptable interior mounting solution.  However, for a robust and versatile interior mounting system for a Sprinter van conversion project, we prefer the Smooth Rail Mounting System for our builds.