Loo Bench


This lower cabinet is a variation of our Lower Bench Cabinet, specifically designed for those “necessary” moments.  Staying true to our K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) approach to van design, this is a simple solution for a very simple need.

In our experience, most van owners will opt for an alternative solution to dump their “unwanted cargo” whenever possible (rest stops, stores, campgrounds, a nice tree, or a secluded spot in the woods).  It was with that in mind that we developed a solution for those times when the alternatives is not available (a midnight pee, toddler emergency, or moment when privacy outside the van is simply not feasible).  

The included Easy Go Toilet is easy to clean, chemical free, and does not require electrical or water hookups.  It is useable inside the cabinet, but can also be easily removed for cleaning, and/or use outside of the van.  Quite simply, it is there when you need it, and invisible when you don’t.

The cabinet itself is custom formed to the toilet, and provides functional, and discreet storage, as well as space for toilet paper and other toiletries and cleaning supplies.  The spring loaded, snug fit lid of the cabinet, in conjunction with the tight seal of the Easy Go Toilet minimizes unwanted odors until the contents can be dumped.

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Comes with all hardware required to mount to our Lower Interior Horizontal Mounting System.

Lead Times

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  • Production will begin upon receipt of order.
  • Production time is typically 3-6 weeks.

Disclaimer:  Most of our products involve a complex, multiple step fabrication process, with a full QC after each step.  We do our best to meet and exceed all lead times, but our first commitment is to quality.  As a result, we are never able to guarantee lead times.