Types Of Builds

Core Build

One of the most popular options we offer is the core build.  We do the “hard stuff” that involves stripping the vehicle down to the bare metal, finishing the walls, ceiling, and floor treatments, as well as installing a mounting system which provides a safe, secure, and accessible attachment point for your cabinets and accessories.  With our interior horizontal mounting system, you can install, remove, replace, or re-locate most cabinetry without having to dig into the bare metal surfaces again.

A typical core build consists of:

  • Electrical Pre-Wiring
  • Sound Deadening and Insulation
  • Ceiling and wall paneling
  • Basic Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Interior Mounting Systems

A typical core build will run in the $15k to $25k price range.  The “X factors” in this price range include:

  • Size of your van (144” vs. 170”)
  • Configuration (Passenger/Cargo/Crew). This is largely about # of windows, and whether or not there is roof top AC unit.
  • Size and scope of electrical design and pre-wiring
  • Types of paneling selected

Core Build Plus

It is also fairly common for a customer to want us to do a core build, with the addition of a handful of desired features such as a bed, storage cabinets, simple auxiliary electrical systems, etc…  This option is popular for customers who are building their van in multiple phases, or who want to use their van for a while before making final layout decisions.  This option is also very popular with DIY customers who have a particular area of expertise (such as cabinetry work or electrical work), so they can focus on their own area of expertise and let us do the rest.

Common items added to a core build:

  • Bed System
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Simple Auxiliary Electrical System

Depends on the individual item being added to the core build.  

Full Build 

A full build will typically consist of all of the elements of a core build, plus most or all of our standard product line with little or no customization:


  • Bunk Heater
  • Bed System
  • Kitchen Cabinet (water storage, pump, fridge, sink/stove combo)
  • Upper cabinets and shelves
  • Lower bench/storage cabinets.
  • Lower Drawer cabinet
  • Simple “out the back” shower system
  • Swivel Seat Adapters
  • Exterior roof rack, awning, deck, and other exterior accessories

Full builds can range anywhere from $35-$60k+   The larger X factors in this price range include:

  • Overall scope of project.
  • Size of electrical storage and charging system.
  • Level of customization from our standard product line.

Custom Build

All of the above options are designed for customers who want to utilize our standard solutions, with minimal customization.    Our product line is designed to offer a great deal of versatility as is.  For those who want a full custom build, and/or significant portions of the build to be highly customized, we are happy to discuss your project with you.  However, customization can be expensive, and we typically only take on 1-2 builds a year that are highly customized.  Most of our design work goes into development and refinement of our standard product line.

A custom build starts with a preliminary design.  We begin with an estimate of the number of hours we think the design work will take based on the initial review of the size and scope of the project.  We then calculate an initial retainer/deposit for the design services.  As we do the design work, we bill $125/hr for all design meetings, product research, and CAD work.  Once the overall design, and basic layout of your van is determined, we will then be able to produce a specific price quote for the project itself or elements thereof.

If you choose to hire us to perform the build, we will often discount/absorb a portion of the initial design costs into the build price, but you are also free at that point to pursue quotes from other builders as well.


It is impossible to predict how much a fully custom build or build component will cost until the initial design work is done.  

Staying In Our Wheel House

We believe strongly in focusing on our unique approach to van build solutions.  We do not try to be all things to all customers, nor do we take an “anything for a buck” approach to business.  We owe it to you to make sure that our approach is in alignment with your desires.  Anything less would be a disservice!

Though we strongly emphasize quality and beauty, we are also very cost conscious of our customer’s budget.   Our job is to make sure you get the maximum value for your investment.  Our primary focus is on developing quality and versatile standard products that meet your needs and desires.  We are also happy to discuss customization and full custom projects, but we will only take on those projects that we are confident we can execute properly, and are in general alignment with our typical layout, design, and aesthetic.  We often pass on projects for this reason.

We encourage you to visit our about us page, as well as our Instagram to make sure you generally dig what we do, and how we do it.  If so, we would love to talk to you about your project, and encourage you to fill out a Van Build Quote Request Form.