Product Release Announcement:

We are pleased to announce the
Beta release of the long-awaited

DIY Paneling Kits!

for Sprinter and Transit High Roof Platforms

The Process:

Bringing a product from something that we professionally install in our shop, to an online product that can be flat pack shipped, and easily installed by a DIY customer, is no small task.  Add to that our commitment to very high standards of quality and attention to detail, this is sometimes a very lengthy process.  This has certainly been true in the case of paneling kits.

Beta Release

Though issues are few and far between, we want our customers to know that the product is still relatively new, and there may be some minor improvements pending to things like product descriptions/images, packing lists, instructions, etc…  Any issues that arise will be resolved quickly, and your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to this stage of the process.

Much More To Follow

2024 will be a breakthrough year for Roost’s DIY product line.  In the coming months we expect to be able to offer the following Roost Vans products to the DIY Market:


  • Electrical solutions including power panel, wiring kit, diagrams, and enclosure(s).
  • Pre-cut Insulation & sound deadening kits.
  • Dinette bed system   (Yes, a 3rd unique bed design option for DIY installers!).
  • Additional kitchen cabinet variations, including compact designs for various applications.
  • Expansion to new platforms (hopefully soon to include Promaster, Transit Mid Roof, and/or Sprinter Low Roof).