Product Release Announcement!

Standard Kitchen Cabinets

The long requested and awaited day has arrived!  We are pleased to begin offering two versions of our kitchen cabinet product line through our Early Access Program.

This is one of our most complex products, with a lot of moving parts, and a ton of engineering to maximize space, compatibility, versatility, and ease of use.  The kitchen is one of the most central elements of your van design, and we recommend thorough research, review, and consideration prior to selecting your cabinet, components, and position.

Driver Side Kitchen Cabinet – Standard

Passenger Side Kitchen Cabinet – Standard

Each kitchen cabinet is designed to be a stand-alone kitchen cabinet, and/or in conjunction with one another to add more counter space and versatility in terms of the location of your kitchen components.  There are too many features, details, and options to list in this release.  Please click the links above for full product descriptions (See Product Specifications tab for full spec sheets).

We hope to be releasing a couple more variations of these cabinets (including a compact version, and a sink only version) in the 2nd quarter of 2022.  For now the focus is on getting these two version through the Beta testing process and fully released as a DIY product.

A Note About Beta Testing:

Please remember that as a Beta Product anyone who chooses to participate in our Early Access Program should be prepared to encounter and overcome small issues with assembly and installation.  In reality 90% of the Beta products we ship go off with a hitch, but we do want to make sure that in the event you do experience any issues, you are prepared to do so with a little understanding and patience that this is not yet a fully released product.  Please keep the following in mind:

  • The instruction manual will be a preliminary version of instructions and may not meet the same standards of quality and ease of use as our standard products.
  • Though we have been installing these in our Portland, OR shop for years, the process of a product evolving from Shop Only > Beta > Full Release is all about making minor adjustments and improvements. It is possible a little extra drilling, shaving, or a trip to the hardware store may be required to complete the process.  Your candid and detailed feedback is critical to the process. 
  • In exchange for a little patience and understanding with the above, we will be available to assist by phone and/or screen share to help you work through any difficulties you might experience.