Interior Mounting System

Once our flexible interior mounting system is in place, our off the shelf components can be installed—or removed—with a wrench and screwdriver in a few minutes.

The mounting system is custom engineered to attached to the interior ceiling ribs and walls of your vehicle’s framework. Once installed, you can attach cabinets and shelves, or a bed quickly with simple tools.

Made with structural steel profile, the upper mounting system creates a full length connection rail from front to rear in the van. You get a strong, safe solution to hang cabinets and other items overhead.

The lower mounting system offers the same benefits with flexible provisions to connect lower cabinets and bed systems.

Installation Info

Install time*
4 hours

Tools needed:
3/16″ hex key
5/16″ Rivnut setter
Step drill and drill motor


*Installation instructions are provided upon purchase. Professional installation is available at our shop.

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