Installation Difficulty Ratings

Though each product is unique, we do our best to categorize all of our products into difficulty ratings to give you a point of reference for the skill required to assemble and install the product.  For more specific details of the assembly and installation process, you can typically preview the installation manual on the “Assembly and Installation” tab for each product. 


Relatively easy assembly and installation process using basic hand tools. Primarily using pre-drilled holes and little or no drilling required. Recommended for almost everyone, even with little or no experience.


A little more complex assembly and installation process, but nothing that requires extensive experience or skills. Generally simple individual steps using basic hand tools. Most holes are pre-drilled, but some drilling or cutting will likely be required. May also require a little finesse/precision. Recommended for customers with some experience with a tape measure, drill, and/or saw.


Fairly complex assembly and installation. Will require precise drilling or cutting. May require special tools (typically listed in description).

Very Difficult:

Very complex. Only recommended for professional van builders or DIY customers with significant experience.