Raw Dimensional Bamboo

What is the Dimensional Bamboo Program

We offer DIY customers pre-cut sections of bamboo by the square foot.  Bamboo sections are cut in 6” increments between 12-48” in Length and 12-36″ in Width.  Your order will be flat pack shipped direct to you (shipping included in SF pricing).


$14 / SF:  ¾” Carbonized/Caramelized, Vertical grain, Cross Laminated, 3-Ply bamboo.
$12 / SF:  ½” Carbonized/Caramelized, Vertical grain, Cross Laminated, 3-Ply bamboo.
$10 / SF:  ¼” Carbonized/Caramelized, Vertical grain, Cross Laminated, 3-Ply bamboo.


  • Minimum Order:  12 SF (total SF for entire order must be >12 SF)
  • Shipping included in price per SF
  • Bamboo sections will arrive cut to the rough dimension indicated +/- 1/8” (saw blade width).
  • Bamboo sections will come un-sanded and unfinished.  
Why do we offer this program?

Many DIY van builders use a combination of our pre-made products, and their own creations.  When building custom components, our clients often ask for help with matching hardware, bamboo, finish, etc…  We are always happy to provide this information so that you can source your parts and material, but when seeking an exact match this can be challenging.  Many of our suppliers do not supply direct to the public, and/or only sell in large quantities.  For this reason, we try to provide as much hardware and raw material as possible so DIY customers can purchase directly from us for an exact match.

When it comes to bamboo, we purchase our bamboo (Carbonized, vertical grain, 3-ply) from Cali Bamboo in southern California.  They do sell direct to the public, but when purchasing less than 3 or 4 sheets, the freight costs are often cost prohibitive.

When does it make sense?

In some cases, local suppliers are a more economical solution.  They typically sell 4’ X 8’ sheets, and though they may not be able to match the material perfectly, they can often come very close.  Some local suppliers are reasonably priced, and may be the right solution for your project.  We recommend exploring this option first, particularly if you are in or very near a large metro area.

For smaller projects, when there is no reasonably priced local supplier, and/or when matching the exact same material is critical to your project, Roost’s Dimensional Bamboo Program will likely be the best solution.

How To Order
  1. Fill out the form below and Submit your order details.
  2. Make payment via our online store (detailed instructions will be sent to you when you submit the below form).  .
  3. Once your order and payment are received we will process your order.  Usually your order will ship out within 5-7 business days.
  4. When you receive your bamboo sections, cut each section down to the exact size needed, sand, finish, assemble, and enjoy your creation!