TRNST 148″ – Upper Panel Kit


Paneling Kits are currently available as Beta Access. Please read Early Access Program details before purchasing.

Roost Vans Paneling Kits:

All of our paneling kits come cut to size and shape to fit between the rails of our Smooth Rail Mounting System.  Each panel is pre-drilled in the proper locations for easy attachment to the ribbing of your van.  All kits come with high quality, self-drilling and self-tapping sheet metal screws that enhance sheet metal engagement, and improve serviceability.  Our design and suggested installation method retains the OEM wire chase covers, keeping your vehicle warranty intact.  See below for more details and options for the upper wall paneling kit.



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The upper paneling kit covers the area above the upper wall rail of our Smooth Rail Mounting System, including the top portion of the wall, the ceiling, and the upper area of the slider and rear doors.  The kit Includes pre-cut and pre-drilled panels, self-drilling and self-tapping screws, and spacers that allow for a close, but squeak free cabinet installation.  The kit also includes bracketing to properly support ceiling panel meet points.  Suggested locations for ceiling lights and common locations of factory or aftermarket components (such as vent fans and AC units) come pre-scribed on the panel to assist with any cutout work that may be needed for your particular application (we recommend a jigsaw).

Optional Lighting Package ($150):

Our lighting package includes pre-drilled holes for 6 (included) LED puck lights.  Please note that these pre-drilled holes are strategically placed to not conflict with the two standard vent fan locations.  However, if you have a non standard vent fan location and/or a rooftop AC unit, we recommend NOT getting the lighting package, as the hole positions may conflict with those cutouts.


Optional B Pillar Plug ($650):

Most van conversion builds involve the removal of existing factory paneling and installing new paneling.  This involves dressing out the meet point between the new paneling and the factory cab headliner (which most people leave intact).  This meet point around the “B Pillar” is one of the more aesthetically challenging issues to address for a DIY van builder.  This Upgraded B Pillar Plug resolves this area and is also compatible with Roost’s Smooth Rail Mounting System and Upper Paneling Kit.


Material Options:

Bamboo:  Recommended for Upper Paneling, but also available for Mid and Lower Paneling for those who want more of the real wood feel.  We use ¼” 3 Ply, vertical grain bamboo.  This offers a robust, beautiful real wood feel unparalleled by any laminate or painted option.  Cross laminated panels offer superior strength to weight ratio, particularly in the ceiling to help eliminate any ceiling sag.  Bamboo can be ordered finished by us (using our signature Osmo Poly-X Oil – 3054 Satin Clear), or can be ordered unfinished allowing you to do the finish work using the product and color of your choice.

Fabric Wrapped:  Recommended for Mid Paneling.  We use ¼” Baltic birch, wrapped with minicell and high-quality fabric.  Fabric color options include Charcoal (recommended default), Cypress, Sage, Aloe, Spring, Avocado, Sienna, or Pewter (Click here to see color samples)

Lead Times


  • Our goal is to ship within 2-4 weeks of your order.
  • Production Time 1-3 Weeks (depending on schedule).
  • Add one week for finishing (if you ordered Finished Bamboo).

Disclaimer:  Most of our products involve a complex, multiple step fabrication process, with a full QC after each step.  We do our best to meet and exceed all lead times, but our first commitment is to quality.  As a result, we are never able to guarantee lead times.