SPR 144″ – Mid Panel Kit


Paneling Kits are currently available as Beta Access. Please read Early Access Program details before purchasing.

Roost Vans Paneling Kits:

All of our paneling kits come cut to size and shape to fit between the rails of our Smooth Rail Mounting System.  Each panel is pre-drilled in the proper locations for easy attachment to the ribbing of your van.  All kits come with high quality, self-drilling and self-tapping sheet metal screws that enhance sheet metal engagement, and improve serviceability.  Our design and suggested installation method retains the OEM wire chase covers, keeping your vehicle warranty intact.  See below for more details and options for the mid wall paneling kit.



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The mid wall paneling kit covers the area between the upper wall rail and the mid wall rail of our Smooth Rail Mounting System, also known as the window pocket area. The base kit includes the panel sections and hardware needed to wrap the perimeter of each window pocket.

Inset Panels:

For any window pocket not containing a window we recommend an optional inset panel.  Each panel comes with our plastic panel retainer clips, and all hardware needed for easy attachment.  When ordering your mid paneling kit, simply identify how many inset panels you need (one for each windowless pocket).  Though rare this may include the slider door, and/or the rear  doors (Note:  A panel to cover both rear door window pockets count as 1 inset panel).  For checkout simply provide the count of window pockets for which you will need an inset panel.  After checkout, and before we begin production of your kit, we will contact you to specify which precise locations are required.


Material Options:

  • Fabric Wrapped:  Recommended for Mid Paneling.  We use ¼” Baltic birch, wrapped with minicell and high-quality Charcoal fabric.
  • Bamboo:  Recommended for Upper Paneling, but also available for Mid and Lower Paneling for those who want more of the real wood feel.  We use ¼” 3 Ply, vertical grain bamboo.  This offers a robust, beautiful real wood feel unparalleled by any laminate or painted option.  Cross laminated panels offer superior strength to weight ratio, particularly in the ceiling to help eliminate any ceiling sag.  Bamboo can be ordered finished by us (using our signature Osmo Poly-X Oil – 3054 Satin Clear), or can be ordered unfinished allowing you to do the finish work using the product and color of your choice.

Lead Times


  • Our goal is to ship within 2-4 weeks of your order.
  • Production Time 1-3 Weeks (depending on schedule).
  • Add one week for finishing (if you ordered Finished Bamboo).

Disclaimer:  Most of our products involve a complex, multiple step fabrication process, with a full QC after each step.  We do our best to meet and exceed all lead times, but our first commitment is to quality.  As a result, we are never able to guarantee lead times.